Welcome Greendale High School Class of 1977

You are not imagining it. That is our actual Graduation Commencement Program and our Year Book cover.
Did you remeber the theme was Over the Rainbow?
It is hard to believe it's been 40 years since we graduated from high school. Where did the time go?

Welcome to your Reunion Website. It's time to Celebrate!!!


This section of our front page will be dedicated to highlighting the most recent additions to the site. If you haven’t visited the site before or just want to refresh, all content is still here…just scroll..(& rock n roll)

As of July 10th:
We’ve added a FAQ page to the site for quick reference to reunion details.

We’ve confirmed the School Tour for Saturday AM and have added details to The Festivities page.

Thanks to all who have purchased their dinner tickets. We will draw winners for the sponsor’s gift card prizes for those that met our July 10th challenge on Saturday night. There is still plenty of time to purchase dinner tickets, however if you want your name included in the Program tickets must be purchased by July 27th-So do join us!.

The committee would like to shout out a big THANK YOU to all the classmates who have contributed to our donations goal. We very much appreciate the support!! Yes there is still time to help.

We’re still looking for photos. Upload on the website or send to email address  If your photo upload is not appearing in an Album, please send your pics to the email address. We’ve received a few on the website that did not come through. We can format so they are successful.

Check out a lovely tribute to Wendy Ballas from Chuck Callender on the Memorials page. Thank you Chuck.

As of June 12th:

Very important addition – the Program Survey page. It's been a long time since you've had homework but we hope you will be comfortable and even have some fun sharing some facts with us. We will use your responses in our Reunion Program; there is no obligation to answer the questions but there is a firm deadline. The more share the more interesting the program will be AND we hope will lead you to mingling pursuits! (We will keep any reply anonymous if you wish). Answer as many questions as you like, need some time to ponder, take note of the questions and come back to the page. We are also using the page to collect contact information.

Visit the Festivities page for an exciting update to Saturday Night fun and also note the additions to the We Must Thank page…Our RockSTARR strikes again and dedicated committee members did some impressive leg work…

We’ve added the Who’s Coming page so you can see which classmates have purchased tickets so far and what teacher’s have accepted our complimentary invitation to join us.

We know you're busy but will appreciate your prompt purchase of your Dinner Tickets as it helps us continue with plans - so much so we've decided add incentive to buy early. Everyone that has purchased a ticket thus far plus all those that buy their tickets by July 10th will be included in a drawing to win the gift cards generously offered by our Sponsors. Yes your spouses are included and multiple winners will be selected.

School Tour: We've received enough interest in this opportunity (you'll see the question on your ticket purchase.. :o) ) . Tour is scheduled on Saturday 8/12 at 11:00 AM. Will post a reminder as we get closer to the date.

Photos - Yours -We Need Them. We've just made it easier for you to share your photos with us. Click on the Photo Albums page and upload directly. You can still send them to our email address too.

Our previous content follows below..
We hope you enjoy the music, we did put some thought into the selections
Stayin’ Alive, The Bee Gees (1977). Our high school years embraced the heart of a musical era; we couldn’t go without some disco. So why not the most popular tune from the iconic movie Saturday Night Fever (1977). We dare you to resist dancing to this one and doing Travolta moves. Don’t forget your paint can. (You did spot him in the banner at the top, right?)
We Will Rock You, Queen (1977) Can you hear feet stomping on bleachers at a GHS sporting event? And who doesn’t love Queen?
Dust in the Wind, Kansas (1977) in honor of our classmates no longer with us. Please visit the Memorial Page and feel free to add your own tribute to a friend.
Meet the volunteers on the Reunion Committee page. When you bump into them during jubilations be sure to say thanks…they all worked hard to make this a memorable and fun event. Your recent and continuing professed gratitude to us has been very much appreciated. Keeps us fully motivated to bring you a memorable and fun filled event.
(Full disclosure: OK so we drink a few cocktails & laugh A LOT during planning sessions but it’s still plenty of work…)
Find details of events on The Festivities page then wander over to the Dinner Tickets page to complete your purchase for our Dinner Party at the Hideaway Pub and Eatery. We welcome classmates to bring along their spouse or significant other. Tickets will be available now through July 10, 2017. Buy Now!
Please do consider visiting the Donations page & contribute to help fund this and future reunions. Do take a peek at our list of sponsors on the We Must Thank page…we hope it encourages you to also support us. No amount is too small. THANK YOU!

We’re collecting photos. Click on the Photo Albums page to get an idea of what we’re collecting. Send your pictures to this email address: and put the name of the Album in the subject line that best fits the photos you’d like to share (or just use ‘Photos’ and we’ll sort for you.)